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High Volume Low Pressure - HVLP -
A technology with many advantages.

In Europe, painter says the follows;
 60% Zeitersparnis gegenüber dem Einsatz von Walze und Pinsel
  (60% faster than using rollers and paintbrushes.)
 70% Materialersparnis gegenüber Hochdruckspritzen
  (70% less paint used than high pressure spraying with compressor.)

With ABAC high volume low pressure painting the air is only soft compressed, but pushed through in large volume by a turbine system. This results in a steady pressure, but causes it to flow as minute particles. An airbubble is formed between the spray gun and work piece, which stabilizes the practical flow reducing misting to a minimum and putting an even coat quickly and accurately on the surface.
The hot air current created by the system improves the adhesion and density of the coat by reducing drying time.

HVLP technology from ABAC:
Higher output rate
• Reduced set up and cleaning times
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Light weight, portable equipment
Increases economical work. 60% faster than using rollers and paintbrushes. 70% less paint used than high pressure spraying with compressor

HVLP technology from ABAC saves money, saves the environment:
・Minimal over-spray and material waste
・Possible to paint without exhaust system
・Dry and Hot air (Hot air = outside temperature+15°C) with no oil or emulsion improves the coating and reduces drying time
・Perfect to decorative work
・Unique, easy to use, continuous speed control for the motor power
・Pressure / volume relationship continuously optimized

High Volume Low Pressure spraying (HVLP) = 0.01 - 0.07 MPa