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For Asian Dealer and end user
We support all Asian Dealer and end-user.

In 1954 we make a agreement and started to import from Germany. and we support all Asian dealer and end-user, and now our business with ALMIG Kompressoren GmbH.

This history made a trust of equipment for Asian paint and liquid, so all HVLP equipment have high performance and high quality, because it including our know-how and ALMIG's quality control.

Our name as "M.O.Spraying Inc" has a 2 means, First means is "Minimum Over-Spraying equipment.", and "MO" is calling name as our first president.

Now we are only 1 for ABAC HVLP Agent in Asia, so we must support all dealer and user for handling, repairing and sales. so our all sales can spray with ABAC HVLP Equipment for all painting and coating. And they can demonstrate ours at every area.

If you need better spraying and low-over-mist coating for painting and coating business, we will support you for your business.